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Our Projects


Early Childhood Intervention   Preschool kids attend therapy once a week in the morning. Our staff develop excertise routines for every individual child and carry them out while explaning the excercises to the parents or relatives so that they can then do them at home.


Children with Disabilities

Families with children who have disabilites are often discriminated and cast out by their neighbours and relatives. We provide hope and understanding for their situation while we also encourage and train parents giving them physiotherapeutic exercise help.


Malnourished Children   Mothers with weakened and malnourished children come to us on a daily basis. We explain about nutrition and healthcare and together cook meals for their children. Besides that we teach them simple but effective movement exercises for a healthy build of muscles.


Scholarships         Families and needy single mothers are financially supported so that they can send their children to school. Enthusiastically, these children come to HOME every day get help for the school topics through our tutor. 


Help Now – Give Hope!


With your support you are giving hope and perspective to escape the cycle of poverty to children and families in Enthiopia.
Wether you support our ministry continously or just a with a one-time donation, your donation will reach people in need. Please also consider taking up a sponsorship for one of the children whom we are taking care of. 
As an International and registered NGO we fulfill requirements so that effective help is happening. 
Our ministry is lead by responsible staff on site and in Germany so that everything is transparent. .

The country and the people

LandULeuteCapital: Addis Abeba = New Flower
Size: 3 * the size of Germany
Language: Official Language = Amharic / 82 languages with 200 dialects
Cultural Characteristics: Food: Injera (sour bread), Music: classical music closely linked to the church, also wandering minstrels, friendly mentality
Need to know: People live in round huts (Tukul), Children are viewed as "gifts of God", The blue nile starts in the Tana-lake, known as the "roof of africa", more than 50% of the country is located above 1200m, highest mountain is 4620 meters high, located at the horn of Africa, until 1974 ruled by an emperor – Haile Selassie

The Association


Logo AthiopienhilfeHOME – House of Mercy Ethiopia (registered in Germany as Äthiopienhilfe e.V.) was founded in 1999 as the support organisation for socio-missionary work in Ethiopia. The network of friends and supporters, which has grown through personal relationships, enables the ministry to poor and needy children through child sponsorships and regular donations. If you like, you can read our charter here.

The Board


Reinhold Haupt | Barbara Haupt | Mathias Lange 

Äthiopienhilfe e.V.


Äthiopienhilfe e. V.
Civitatenweg 4
02747 Herrnhut / GERMANY 

Phone.: +49 35873 614820

Äthiopienhilfe e. V.
VR 3499 beim Amtsgericht Dresden

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